Kingmax Group is a international forwarder company that is specialized in import and export  transportation business. It is a modern professional, international and networked enterprise.


In fierce business competition, improving efficiency has become an essential way for enterprises. Kingmax Group is customer-oriented, constantly expands business levels and improves service quality and reduces costs for customers. The company has developed into a diversified freight forwarder that integrates sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, warehousing, declaration, etc. Kingmax Group has made its presence in logistics market through quality service and obtained recognition from customers and market.

Logistics solutions of Kingmax Group focus on “one-stop” service; there is close and harmonious cooperation with major ship owners and air routes makers; price advantage is obvious.

The company is committed to international logistics and warehouse storage in future development and has the own warehouses that are independently operated in business area of wholesale market in Guangzhou, which is very convenient for foreign clients to procure in Guangzhou, Foshan and the surrounding areas and intensively receive goods for export. We hope to build a most perfect foreign trade logistics through our own service integration and wholeheartedly to give you the best service, best price and highest efficiency.